A journalist colleague tells me that finally​​ a welcome card for visitors to Palermo has been issued. It is a card that allows visitors to travel on public transport for free and to obtain discounts in some restaurants, for admission to the monumental sites and facilities for shopping and the purchase of services.

With this card, Palermo finally aligns with the majority of international tourist destinations of the world where the card to facilitate visits and movements of the visitors are already a reality since a long time. In truth, there had already been an attempt, some time ago, but the initiative seems stalled at the moment.

The PmoCard is connected to a multi-lingual site and an app for smartphones, so you can get all the information that may be useful on the services offered on the sites as well as on the architectural sites, the museums, the restaurants, the shops and recreational places – such as the beach of Mondello – which are part of the agreement.

There are also four suggested itineraries that combine visits to the monuments (in the top pic, a detail of the roof of the Palatine Chapel; above, the beach of Mondello and the cathedral; bottom, the Pretoria fountain) with shopping stops. Everything also in printed form (those purchasing the card are provided a city map and an information booklet) for those who do not want to use too much technology on vacation.
The Pmocard coast from 10 to 34 Euros, depending on its validity, and it is also available in a version for cruise passengers . You can buy it in the newwstands in the city centre and at the harbour. All the information on the website


Maria Cristina Castellucci